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Pneumatic Angle Valve
Pneumatic Angle Valve (BTB714905-20)
Instructions for Installation and Application of Pneumatic Valves
Installation notice
1.Make sure that the model and parameter of the pneumatic valve are in accordance with the site installation and technical requirement.
2.Make sure the valve cylinder and position indicator without damage.
3.Clean the pipe of the pneumatic valve. If any matter inside the medium, please also install the filter valve in the front of the valve pipe.
4.Install as per direction of the arrow on the valve body; Connect the valve mouth to the pipe and make sure the connection is well sealed.
5.If the pneumatic valves are equipped with electric valve, please insure that the connection is well sealed.
6.Avoid to heat the packing of the pneumatic valve while connected by welding.
Notices of installation of pneumatic valve and electric valve
1.Keep the fluid and gas clean to prevent blocking electric valve or piston.
2.Don't touch the coil while solenoid valve works and gets hot.
3.Dont take off the coil while the solenoid valve works, to protect against electrical hazard.
4.Dont hit the coil, soleniod pipe and the connecting part to cause any damage.
5.Dont cover the coil while electric valve works to prevent over-heating and destroying.
6.The actual aupply voltage of the solenoid valve should not exceed the tolerance.
7.The working pressure, woking temperature, viscidity of the medium should not exceed the specified scope.
1.Before disassembling the pneumatic valve, drain the fluid inside the cylinder and the medium pressure of valve. Thoroughly clean the medium if it involves flammability and explosibility with high temperaure and high pressure or it is toxic or corrosive.
2.Step of Disassemble pneumatic valve:
A.Disassembly of cylinder:Take off the locking ring, lift the cylinder and take it out. The piston, spring, position indicator and stem are visible.
B.Disassembly of valve body:Ioosen with spanner at the end of the valve cover.
C.Disassembly of seals:Disassemble the valve body, and the seals are at the end of the stem; remove the screw that fasten the seals.
4.Then assemble the valve step by step refer to the step of disassembling.
5.The parts such as seals, locking ring and spring should be assembled correctly. Tighten the connection properly, do not damage the film and valve seat.
6.The maintained valve must pass the pressure and leakage test, and then it can be put into use.
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Pneumatic Right Angle Valve
Pneumatic Right Angle Valve (BTB2000A-3M)
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