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We are professional Flange Angle Seat Valve factory and supplier in China.We can produce Flange Angle Seat Valve according to your requirements. More types of Flange Angle Seat Valve wanted, please contact us right now!

Flange Angle Seat Valve
Flange Angle Seat Valve ()

Flange Angle Seat Valve Specifications

1.Longer service life
2.Easy to install
3.Compact design
4.No return springdouble acting actuators

1. Working pressure: 0 --16bar

2. Medium Temperature: -10 ~ 180

3.Environmental Temperature:-10--60
4. Connection type: Female thread,

5. Valve body: 304 or 316 stainless steel

6。Manufacturing standard:GB,ISOI,DIN

2. Through flow, low fluid resistance
3. Light weight, low volume
4.Piston type air-operated valve
5. Open / close air source pipeline to control main valve
6. Easy to install, with infinitely rotatable actuator
7. With pilot air pressure, zero leakage, long service life
8. Optional anti-water-hammer function 

Categories: Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve
Tages: Flange Angle Seat Valve | Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve | Angle Seat Valve | Flange pneumatic angle seat valve

Flange Right Angle Seat Valve
Flange Right Angle Seat Valve ()


  • High flow rate, low fluid resistance, compact assembly
  • Simple structure with high cycle life, maintenence-free
  • Suitable for medium with maximum viscidity 600 mm2/s
  • High temperature resistant, chemical corrosive resistant
  • Easy installation, cylinder can be 360°. rotated free, excellent function of air discharge


  • Can/bottle filling system
  • Beer brewing and Beveragge industry
  • Chemistry industry
  • Rubber machinery
  • Textile industry
  • Vacuum technique
  • Device that disposal of liquid
  • Washing, disinfecting and high-temperature sterilization
  • Washing machinery
  • Categories: Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve
    Tages: Right Angle Seat Valve | Flange Angle Seat Valve | Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve | Brass Angle Seat Valve

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